Terminology Compilation

Camera Sensor

Video image sensor. CCD or C-MOS chip.


International Radio Consultative Committee; has made the technical recommendation for the European 625 line standard for video signals.


Closed Circuit Television. It does not broadcast TV signals but transmits them over a closed circuit through electrically conducting cable or wireless transmitter and receiver.

CCTV Camera

A unit containing an imaging device that produces a video signal in the baseband form, usually with synchronization pulses and color information (composite video).


An integrated circuit in which all the components (resistors capacitors and semiconductors) are micro-fabricated on a tiny piece of silicon or specialist material (silicon on sapphire. Often used to refer to the detector in a CCD camera.

C Mount Lens & CS Mount Lensr

CCTV lenses are available in two different lens mounts. "C-mount" lenses have a flange back distance of 17.5mm vs. 12.5mm for "CS-mount" lenses. Many of todays cameras can accept either type of lens, but it is important to make sure that camera and lens.

Composite Video

A combined signal in a television transmission. Standard format such as NTSC, PAL or SECAM. The picture signal, blanking signal, and vertical/horizontal synchronizing signals are all combined.


Digital video pictures can be compressed with a number of techniques. These include, JPEG, M-JPEG, MPEG and Wavelet.


Cathode Ray Tube. The vacuum tube part of a monitor or television.

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