Terminology Compilation


Electronic Industries Association. American standard for B/W camera system.

Electronic Iris (EI)

This is an electronic implementation of an auto iris. It uses electronics to simulate the effect of opening and closing the iris, by increasing or decreasing the effective shutter time of the camera.

Electronic Shutter(ES)

Compensates for moderate light changes in indoor applications without the use of auto iris lenses.


The most widely installed Local Area Network (LAN) technology. Specified in a standard IEEE802.3.10/100 BASE-T, the most commonly installed Ethernet system, provides transmission speed up to 100 megabits per second.

External Sync.

An external sync allows a piece of equipment to take its video synchronisation from another unit, so that it can align itself with the system as a whole.


A private network. It uses the Internet Protocol to securely share part of a business information with suppliers, vendors or others.

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