Terminology Compilation

Matrix Switcher

This is a device that allows any of its camera inputs to be switched to one or more of its monitor outputs. The outputs can of course also be video recorders.


The device used to view video pictures. These devices do not normally have television RF frequency receivers. They normally have composite or component video inputs.


This refers to a black and white image rather than a color one.

Motion Detection

A system that uses the video signal from a camera to determine if there is any movement in the picture and set of an alarm.

Motorized Lens

A camera lens equipped with small electric motor that enables focusing lens, opening or closing the iris diaphragm, or changing the focal length.


MPEG is a standard used for coding and compression of moving images. It was developed by the Moving Pictures Experts Group. It is now used widely for the compression of video images. However MPEG isnt just one standard. They have developed several standards for different uses. For example MPEG-2 is used for DVDs and set top boxes. MPEG-4 was developed for multi-media applications for fixed and mobile web applications.

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